Title: Discovery delineation
Client: Impala Platinum
Geology: Copper-nickel sulfide mineralization hosted within mafic-ultramafic intrusion
Technology: SPARTAN MT
Location: Ontario, Canada
Sector: Mining

Deep drilling is expensive. Imaging before drilling can help focus drilling which can save money. The initial discovery was below 500m.

Impala decided that a first pass image of resistivity directly over the discovery zone. A SPARTAN MT survey was commissioned and a comprehensive survey was designed. SPARTAN MT is a flexible way to collect deep resistivity information. Each individual site collects resistivity information from surface to great depths.

SPARTAN MT Survey over Sunday Lake discovery holes.

The SPARTAN Survey successfully imaged to greater than 1000m. The client used the data to highlight the potential area of the discovery as well as provide hot spots for further exploration.

Drilling results indicate the MT targets drilled and associated intersections and depths.


The survey was successful at providing deep resistivity information to help delineate the discovery area as well as to provide key information for deep targetting.