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Geophysical Exploration in Salars (L.Ramayo, Juan P Ensinck., 2020)
Deep penetrating geophysical technologies for exploring under cover.(R Gordon.,Perumin 2019)
Meeting the challenges of decreased discovery rates with improved targetting (R Gordon., ProExplo 2019)
Model comparisons at Bolivar Skarn Discovery, Mexico (L.Ramayo., ProExplo 2019)
Applications of Model Studies to highlight the case for massive data volumes in 3D (B. Tournerie., Kegs Symposium 2019)
Data Density and Resolution Power in 3D DC Resistivity surveys (M. Gharibi., NSG 2018 – Porto)
2017 Gordon Mapping near mine geology with advanced geophysics – applications for delineation, mine planning and exploration – CIM Montreal
Nexa Resources – (Milpo) update on Cerro Lindo Peru

Geoscience Papers

2023 Adamola et al. Deep NT at Red Lake
2020 Emerging Technology and Processes(R.Gordon, M.Unwsorth., GSN 2020)
2019 Gordon.,Deep penetrating geophysical technologies for exploring under cover.(Extended Abstract, Perumin 2019)
2018 Gharibi., Data Density and Resolution Power in 3D DC Resistivity surveys (Extended Abstract)
2018 Gordon., Advances in Deep Electrical 3D Earth Imaging (Extended Abstract)
2016 Mayes Geophysical Exploration At Jervois – An ORION study
2015_McGill et DFS_A comparison of 3D DCIP data acquisition methods
2014_Kuhn_Science Break CSEG – Geophysical review
2013_Bournas_Discovery of polymetallic porphyry at the Silver Queen-BC
2007 Legault et al. Wheeler River Uranium – A TITAN study
2007_Kingman et al_DAS in electrical geophysical systems
2007 Gordon – Deep Search Exploration an Introduction from Explor 2007
2007_Leading Edge_Case study – Comparison Titan vs Conventional – Nevada – M Goldie-Newmont
2002_Watts_ the Ujina Cu Discovery – SEG

Educational Information on Magnetotellurics, DCIP, REAL 3D DCIP

Geophysics for Geologists
Introduction to MT
Introduction to DCIP and deep DCIP
Introduction to 3D DCIP

Minesite Imaging
Exploring Lithium Salars
Geothermal_Deep Fluid Circulation Tectonic Structures_investigated with MT