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We like to know how things work out on the projects we have helped with. This is what our clients say..

  • “ORION 3D told us where the deposit is—and exactly where it wasn’t—helping us avoid unnecessary drilling.” (Nevada Sunrise Gold Corp)
  •  “Predict what’s there without outcropping.” (Northgate Minerals Corporation)
  • “Make new discoveries on existing properties.” (African Copper Plc)
  • “TITAN 24 images hard-to-reach areas.” (Franconia Minerals Corporation)
  •  “Based on the TITAN 24 survey results, drilling intersected the longest mineral interval ever drilled on the Kemess property.”


Just received some excellent feedback…

Just received some excellent feedback from my project geophysicist for the Andes, Jannet Zeta, on the Quantec crew and camp set-up at our Poseidon project. The project geologist is also impressed. First class.





Greg Walker



Sept 2023


Our experience working with Quantec was professional and positive.

Quantec Geoscience completed two MT surveys under contract for the Yukon Geological
Survey (YGS) in 2021 and 2022. Our experience working with Quantec was professional and positive. Throughout the survey, the
Quantec crew maintained daily communication with YGS and GSC which allowed for adjustments in
survey acquisition to ensure optimal data quality. We look forward to work with Quantec again in
2023 for completion of our regional MT survey.

Feel free to contact me should you require additional information on the surveys that Quantec
conducted for YGS.

Maurice Colpron, Ph.D.
Head, Bedrock Geology
Yukon Geological Survey

Job Well Done!

From: David Benson <>Sent: August 28, 2022 11:06 AMTo: Tono Rodriguez <>; Lindsay Debono <>; Monika Dyl <>Subject: RE: CA01314S Minto new data upload

Thank you Tono. 

 And I want to thank all of you, with a shout-out to the Quantec crew.  The crew conducted themselves professionally and completed their tasks safely and in full compliance with Minto’s policies and procedures.  A job well done!  We will use Quantec as an example of proper and exemplary contractor management and conduct at Minto. 

 Thanks again everyone.  Looking forward to seeing the final products! 



David BensonVP, Exploration61 Wasson Place, Whitehorse, YT, Y1A0H7| M: 867-332-5962[mailto:%7BE-mail%7D]

Hard work, On time and On budget!!

Recently, Quantec performed a MT survey in the very difficult terrain of Northern Ontario, near Marathon. Our experience across the region allowed our operations staff to accurately put a cost structure in place for the program. With a few additions and changes requested by the client, Quantec was able to still complete the program on time and on budget. And during Coivid, our crew was still delightfully professional!

From: John McBride
Sent: Wednesday, July 29, 2020 2:40 PM
To: Ryan Fearon ;
Cc: Benoit Tournerie ; Rob Gordon
Subject: RE: CA01234S – Billing Summary – Final
Hi Ryan,
Thank you for the billing summary, it looks good to me. It was a pleasure working with you as well. The field crew did an excellent job and were delightfully professional.
I appreciated all the hard work Quantec has done to get us the survey on time and on budget.
Please send along the invoice.

John McBride – Exploration Manager, Generation Mining.

Outlining Resources for drilling

“I can’t imagine undertaking a drill program without first using the ORION 3D technology. The level of detail captured by ORION 3D’s high-resolution survey easily outlined the unique shape of known resources of mineral resources on our property. Previously, our traditional geophysical surveys weren’t helping to create a stable drill program. But Quantec’s ORION 3D provided a significantly more dense  and detailed sampling of the subsurface to help us navigate challenges in our exploration program. We became confident about where the deposit was—and we knew exactly where it wasn’t—so unnecessary drilling was avoided, extending our exploration budget. In fact, we used ORION 3D’s data and Quantec’s interpretation to note previously unidentified mineralisation areas across the Golden Arrow Property for further exploration (based on similar geophysical features).”
William B. Henderson – CEO & Director, Nevada Sunrise Gold Corp.

Investors respect Quantec’s name

Nevada Sunrise Gold Corp. used ORION 3D to focus their drill program so they could confidently tell investors:
“An ORION 3D survey will be conducted over a 1500 acre trend of mineralisation. Results from this survey will be used to locate target areas that have not been detected by traditional geophysical survey methods. We’ll use findings from this survey to identify drill targets.”

Refine and advance existing targets while outlining new ones

“The TITAN 24 geophysical survey, in conjunction with detailed geologic mapping and drilling, has assisted us with understanding the mineral potential at Los Zorros. We will utilise this exploration tool again.”
Jeffrey Dahl – President, SAMEX Mining Corp.

Prioritise the greatest potential targets

“The TITAN 24 survey and drilling developed an overall picture of the large scale mineralised system to depth. The ability of the TITAN 24 system to define the limits of existing deposits and help identify new targets has been well demonstrated at several mines and deposits near Freegold Mountain. Results of the TITAN 24 survey combined with those from the current drill programs in the Nucleus and Revenue Zones should help us prioritise the highest potential targets in what we already know is a very large scale gold-copper porphyry system.”
Bill Harris – Chairman & COO, Northern Freegold Resources

Define targets to depths in excess of 500 m

“The TITAN 24 survey has defined significant chargeability anomalies extending to depths in excess of 500 m. The results of the TITAN 24 survey have significantly improved our knowledge of the mineralisation at Chacay, and we intend to initiate a drilling program in the near future to further define these new targets.”

“We anticipate that the TITAN 24 survey, which can provide information to depths in excess of 750 m, will enable us to better define the geometry of the mineralisation at Chacay. Based on the results of this survey, Coro intends to complete a drill program aimed at continuing to define the extent of the Nacho Zone chalcocite blanket, testing the deeper portions of the deposit for primary copper mineralisation, and exploring other zones on the property.”
Alan Stephens – President and CEO, Coro Mining Corp.

Locate minerals without outcropping

“The TITAN 24 deep penetrating IP survey technique has proven itself an excellent predictive tool for spotting drill holes on the Kemess property in areas where there is no outcropping of mineralisation.”
Ken Stowe – President and CEO, Northgate Minerals Corporation

New discoveries on existing property: “An extension of known mineralisation for 350 metres to the south!”

“The discovery of previously unknown mineralisation without the deformation zone at Dukwe was a direct result of using the TITAN 24 geophysical system. This cutting-edge technology has allowed us to extend mineralisation within sight of our processing facility. We are excited by the success that has been achieved in the drill testing of the first TITAN 24 generated target.”
Joseph Hamilton – CEO, African Copper Plc

Image hard-to-reach resources

“The [TITAN 24] survey indicates that potential host rocks for a porphyry copper system are present beneath volcanic cover.” Bruce Gavin – President, Franconia Minerals Corporation

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