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Quantec Geoscience Ltd. is a geophysical survey company specializing in ground-based electrical and electro-magnetic earth imaging techniques. We offer a full turnkey solution to customers – from project planning all the way to final interpretation and targeting of the subsurface.

Quantec was formed in 1986. Since that time Quantec has provided clients with safely executed geophysical solutions on over 5000 projects globally. Quantec now carries out projects for the mining, geothermal and oil & gas sectors. Our surveys include deep imaging 2D and 3D DCIP and Magnetotellurics (MT) surveys, as well as more conventional surveys such as Time Domain Electromagnetics (TEM), Borehole Time Domain Electromagnetics (BTEM), Resistivity, IP, Ground Magnetics, VLF, Gravity, and Controlled Source Magnetotellurics (CSAMT).

Quantec’s industry-leading technologies today are accepted as the most precise deep imaging techniques available. Hardware and software R&D continues as a priority and is central to the firm’s culture. In 2010 Quantec came out with ORION 3D, the world’s only true 3D deep search electrical technology system. This sophisticated approach was developed to build on the most advanced 2D system available on the market, the TITAN 24 DCIP & MT system. The SPARTAN MT system provides a flexible and cost effective magnetoelluric resistivity mapping approach for both 2D and 3D geologic scenarios.

Quantec’s people, technology and experience combine to provide an incredible value proposition: safe, cost-effective surveys deliver knowledge of your subsurface, which leads to improved drilling success.

Deep Earth Imaging Technologies


Our proprietary field recording systems are known around the geophysical world by their names derived from the age of Greek mythology, a period linked with significant advances in human knowledge and exploration:

  • ORION 3D’s omni-directional DCIP & MT data is collected and inverted in REAL3D, providing high resolution images. ORION 3D offers the most accurate and clear 3D picture possible, from near surface to approximately 2 km deep.
  • TITAN DCIP & MT is renowned for introducing sophisticated advancements in 2D DCIP acquisition and the introduction of MT data to the mining industry (near surface to 1.5 km depth).  TITAN-24 employs full-waveform receivers, continuous current monitoring, 100% duty cycle transmits and advanced FFT signal processing to extract both DCIP and MT geophysical data.
  • SPARTAN AMT and MT record full tensor magnetotelluric signals from great depths. Recording over the usable broad frequency range, Spartan AMT gives the highest resolution; Spartan MT gives the deepest possible image of the subsurface, from near surface to 10 km deep and beyond, depending on survey design.

Improve your Exploration Team’s results with thorough, accurate imaging prior to drilling.

Target with proven technology.

Increase the likelihood of Discovery.


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