Location map

Title: Deep Mapping
Geology: VMS
Client: Noranda
Technology: TITAN 24
Location: New Brunswick
Sector: Mining

Conventional geophysics had failed to detect and map to depth the largest of the three massive sulfide lenses found at the Half Mine base metal VMS deposit in New Brunswick. The deepest and largest sulfide lens was left undiscovered for decades. As a result, the full value of the deposit was not known. A survey was needed to aid in the mapping of this deep deposit.

TITAN was trialed in the camp in an attempt to image to depth.

TITAN 24 detected and imaged the vertical extent of the Half Mile base metal VMS deposits in New Brunswick, to a depth of over 1500 m. As a result TITAN 24 was able to map the largest and deepest massive sulfide lens that was discovered several decades after the initial discovery of the near surface zone.

MT resistivity section shown to 2000 m

MT resistivity section shown to 2000 metres