Cerro Del Medio, Northern Chile

Title: Santa Cecilia Deposit 3D Exploration
Geology: Porphyry
Client: Cerro Mining
Technology: ORION 3D
Location: Chile
Sector: Mining

Cerro Grande Mining was interested in 3D imaging to better highlight cross structures in the immediate survey area and to investigate potential deep seated mineralisation and alteration.

To provide detail on the complete land package, an ORION 3D survey was utilised. This survey collected data with several large ORION 3D layouts. Over 530 current injections were made over the area, with data captured by 300 orthogonal dipoles. The survey collected over 150,000 data points, with the objective of creating a high resolution 3D integrated resistivity (DCIP) and chargeability (MT) model, with accurate delineation of alteration and stockwork intrusives up to 1km depth.

MT delineating Ore horizon

The deep data recorded by the ORION 3D MT component of the survey identified a significant conductive zone, which increased the size and depth extension of the alteration zone and related mineralization to a depth of 2 km. The integrated model clearly imaged the entire hypogene system, providing  a useful tool for further exploration locally.

Three interpretive 3D models were utilised to provide additional information around the discover. Above : IP, Middle : DC resistivity, Below: MT resistivity