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With permanent facilities worldwide, and a team of highly experienced geophysicists, technologists and field assistants, Quantec is more than capable of mobilizing globally to conduct mineral exploration services for you. The team at Quantec brings unique and broad scale expertise to the table. As individuals, our team members have been involved with a variety of deposit types, geological environments and technology applications for exploration. Collectively, we have experience with all aspects of geophysical surveying and interpretation including airborne geophysical surveys.

Having performed over 5000 surveys, our logistical capabilities are honed and we can plan for almost any kind of program. It is rare that we cannot execute a survey due to logistical issues. Our teams work in the harshest of climates and terrains. Our work over the years has contributed directly to new discoveries and this has been well documented. Discovery work at many prominent mines has provided us with a very strong knowledge base, and several of these projectsare avaialble as case studies.We carry out small programs for private and Junior mining companies as well as large programs for mines and Major mining companies.

These exploration competencies, along with our ongoing commitment to the latest technologies, make Quantec the leading choice among global explorers.


Advanced exploration services include:

  1. Consulting: We can look at your data and provide an unbiased opinion regarding exploration approach and recommend methodologies which will best meet your goals. We have the resources to be your in-house geophysical team and can help you with all aspects of your programs. We regularly recommend review of existing data sets prior to embarking on new data collection programs to ensure all available information is considered.
  2. Survey planning: Our experts work with you to create an optimal survey design based on physical, geological and financial factors. Dimension, orientation of local geology and strike, ground conditions and topography, access, footprint and depth are considered on every job. We strongly believe that it is important to understand the physical property signatures in your region of interest to best plan surveys and interpret data.
  3. Survey execution: Our survey crews are some of the best around, our teams operate in a very safe, efficient and professional manner. We work with your local team and local communities as requested to ensure that not only your project is completed on time and on budget but is done with a high regard for the community and the environment.
  4. Data management: We recognize that the most important part of any project is the timely delivery of excellent data in an organised and complete way. We document all aspects of our surveys including the complete processing flow from acquisition and raw data, preliminary and final processing and finally interpretive products.
  5. Data Interpretation: Our team will recognize and advise on the best approaches to data presentation and inversion modelling. We routinely carry out  2D and 3D modelling and present data in a manner that is easy to understand and comprehend. We are comfortable recommending targets based on our opinions or working with you and your team to provide areas for further investigation and drilling.

Our survey services are made up of both traditional geophysical surveys and our own proprietary solutions. Please explore our examples to see which method you might be interested in, or call us to discuss. Every case is different.

  • TITAN: 2D DC/IP/MT provides effective surface to depth 2D geophysical information for targeting
  • ORION 3D: REAL 3D  IP and Resistivity data acquisition for use in structurally complex environments
  • SPARTAN MT: Flexible resistivity mapping with full tensor magnetotelluric data for surface to depth applications
  • Traditional surveys: TEM, CSAMT, Magnetic Field, and Gravity

Quantec data merges easily with other results from your project and we routinely work with integrated data sets to provide enhanced targeting.



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