Quantec introduces new TITAN technology to provide flexible approaches for 2D deep imaging surveys. 

TITAN deep Earth Imaging was established in 2000 with the introduction of the TITAN 24 System. TITAN 24 provided a unique new method for collecting high quality multi-parameter geophysical data through distributed array based technology with high speed sampling of data. These data were critical for driving out more accurate deep images of the subsurface.

Multi-parameter surveying meant both DCIP surveys and MT surveys could be done in a single day providing DCIP high resolution data down to depths of 750 metres and complimentary MT resistivity down to depths of 2000 metres. Quantec built out 6 systems to meet increasing demand in deep exploration. TITAN 24 , was so advanced, that even today, there are virtually no systems that rival the depth capabilities and the accuracy of TITAN 24 and the systems continue to see global demand in challenging environments.


New to the line up for TITAN is the TITAN 130 system and the TITAN 160.

Quantec has introduced new 6 channel receivers into the technology mix for increased flexibility for its distributed surveys when you are exploring for deep buried ore bodies.


TITAN 130 provides the flexibility to carry out shorter and longer array lines more economically. Recently, Quantec undertook a survey with station spacing of 100 metres, with 70 dipoles measured simultaneously. That is a whopping 7000 metre long line. The depth of information achieved was well over 1000 + metres for IP.

TITAN 160, now has the ability to collect full frequency MT data, where TITAN 24 was comfortable achieving depths of 1500 – 2000 metres, Quantec can now deploy TITAN 160 MT in a variety of deployments to obtain excellent surface to much greater than 2000 metres. In addition, adding the DCIP makes for a very flexible and economic solution for imaging the subsurface prior to drilling.