Old Buchans Mine headframe

Title: Near Mine exploration
Geology: IOCG
Client: Rambler Mines and Metals
Technology: TITAN 24
Location: Newfoundland
Sector: Mining

Survey to be conducted on an active minesite, with logistical and noise challenges.

Provide targets related to conductive / polarizable horizons, pods, and massive to disseminated Cu, Zn, minor Pb, Au and Ag ore.

TITAN 24 chosen for its high resolution, deep drill targeting capabilities and effectiveness in minesite environments.

The survey identified two distinct geophysical targets termed a priority for drilling, along with other lower priority anomalies. The survey helped identify different mineralization types – stratiform volcanogenic massive sulphides, disseminated stringers of sulphides in the footwall zone, and epigenetic shear-hosted mineralization overprinting massive and footwall ore. Anomalies associated with the Ming Mine and satellite ore were shown to dip steeply to the northeast, and appear as an MT conductivity high, resistivity contrast in DC, and an IP high. The opportunity for additional mineralization at depth (-600m) to the east of the central north-northwest fault zone was identified.

  • Orebody shown in red
  • Depth extends to 1300 metres
  • NW structure present from 200 m to 600 m
  • MT shows the Ming Orebody occurs at juncture of two structures