Landscape with moss in Iceland. Mountain and volcanic area

Landscape with moss in Iceland. Mountain and volcanic area

Title: Deposit Expansion
Geology: IOCG Exploration
Client: Blackthorn Resources
Technology: ORION3D
Location: Africa
Sector: Mining

Blackthorn Resources Kitumba deposit is an IOCG-type copper deposit located in Zambia’s Central Province. The deposit has combined indicated and inferred mineral resources of over 2 million tonnes of contained copper using a cut off of .5%. The area is deeply weathered and supergene alteration exists at depths of 700m.

The deep emplacement of the known ore body and complex geology make exploration near the mine difficult and expensive.

By providing deep resistivity and IP imaging over the area surrounding the mine, Quantec’s ORION3D technology improved the understanding of the geology and the complex 3D structure of the property. ORION3D accurately mapped known sulphide horizons of pyrite and chalcopyrite. Deep accurate imaging provided the local exploration team with a confident means to redeploy drilling plans mid season to focus and more effectively target mineralised zones in the most prospective areas.

Drilling results reported by Blackthorn indicate that an expansion of the existing deposit was achieved by this exploration initiative and more specifically by deep thorough imaging pre-drilling.