Title: Minesite exploration
Client: Minto Metals Corp
Geology: Carmacks copper belt marked by metamorphic assemblages
Technology: TITAN 24 & SPARTAN MT
Location: Yukon, Canada
Sector: Mining

The challenge with most existing mines is to find more ore and to extend the life of the mine. Annually budget is set aside to explore in the immediate vicinity of the mine. The Minto Mine had been mined for years. The potential for additional ore in the near vicinity may be high, but expensive drilling makes it prohibitive to grid drill everywhere.

Minto Mines decided that a first pass image of resistivity directly over the existing mine and to blanket cover the area in the immediate surrounds could provide a means for focusing drill campaigns. A SPARTAN MT survey was commissioned and a comprehensive survey was designed.

SPARTAN MT is a flexible way to collect deep resistivity information. Each individual site collects resistivity information from surface to great depths. Typically in mine site exploration the data is utilised to provide images from surface to 1500m (or deeper). The execution of  the survey  was coordinated with mine operations. Acquisition took one month, with minimal impact on operations.

SPARTN MT grid layout covering an area of 5 x 7 km.

The SPARTAN Survey successfully collected meaningful data in the region directly over and around the mine. The survey accurately mapped known sulphide horizons in the near mine. The  imaging proved invaluable to the local exploration team, who effectively adjusted their drilling plans mid-season to focus and effectively target mineralised zones in the most prospective areas. The client has reported that the large volume of data recorded at the mine is a useful data set for the exploration team and several immediate targets are planned for the next drilling campaign. The deep MT provided useful deep images that both corroborated some aspects of local thinking in the camp and refuted others, providing the team with a better geological understanding, leading them to explore new initiatives.