Collahuasi District, Northern Chiles

Title: Discovery
Geology: Porphyry
Client: Chevron Mining
Technology: Innovative IP
Location: Chile
Sector: Mining

The requirement was a survey which would penetrate to depth, to characterize the geology of the area at and around the Rosario discovery in Chile.

Quantec was contracted to carry out a robust DC resistivity and IP survey of over 200 line km, covering the known Rosario porphyry and surrounding area. At the time (1991), deep surveys were executed with large dipoles. For this project an extraordinary dipole of 300m was recommended, in the hopes of penetrating to 600m.

The survey successfully defined the existing Rosario/La Grande porphyry system (710 mT @ .93% Cu) and also discovered the 1200mT Ujina deposit.  The survey successfully penetrated 170m of ignimbrite cover.