Title: Nickel Exploration
Geology: Sudbury Basin
Client: FNX Mining
Technology: TITAN 24
Location: Sudbury, Canada
Sector: Mining

FNX Mining was interested in testing the capability of the TITAN 24 system by mapping known occurrences, as well as testing for new near mine targets for further exploration in the range of 200m to 600m depth. The survey needed to go through an existing open pit.

To target at depths below 200m the TITAN 24 system was used. TITAN maps deep resistivity and IP zones down to 750 m depth. The project was comprised of 2 grids of 5 lines, and each line was 2.4 km long.  Zones of low resistivity were mapped to depths of 400m and chargeability zones were imaged in the top 350m.  Based on the known geology in the area, the results were further constrained to geological models to see if additional resources were there.  (For more information on constrained inversions visit Services\Interpretation.)

The survey clearly identified the known shallow features. In addition the MT deep resistivity mapped the deeper ore zone. Following the constrained inversions the client determined that additional drilling was unwarranted in the immediate area of the survey, thereby saving millions of dollars of unnecessary drilling costs.

Resistivity Model shown to 1500 m

Resistivity model shown to 1500 m depth