When you need absolute data, and to see beyond a few hundred meters, spending more money to drill without confidence increases the risk of exploration. Whereas investing in a more detailed geophysical survey first, allows you to pinpoint drill targets so you can bring better drill results to the surface, faster.


“By the time a drill goes down, you need to be harvesting the kind of drill results that get you attention from your investors and shareholders,” says Roger Sharpe, Vice President of Quantec’s Research and Development team.


While it’s true that Titan 24’s systematic, more detailed survey costs more than an airborne survey, your ability to save money on miscalculated drilling means you’re getting to the resource faster and cheaper than you would otherwise. And because you will have collected better data, you can trust the view of the subsurface your exploration team receives.


How Can Exploration Companies Afford to Spend More Money On Surveys?