Plan one year in advance to make sure that you have time built into your exploration schedule to run and interpret all surveys, and also that you have an approved budget for accessing better data before drilling.


There are further benefits to pre-planning for a Titan 24 or a True 3D technology (Orion 3D) Survey.


“You might be able to share mobilisation costs with other mining companies in the area if you plan it well,” says Sharpe.


Quantec, a pioneer of the ground geophysical survey industry introduced the great game-changer in technology and data interpretation with Titan 24, and have continued to raise the bar by introducing the only True 3D geophysical data survey (Orion 3D).


At the 2012 SEG conference in November, a Quantec geophysicist will go through the Silver Queen case study in detail to show how the deposit responded to MT; while the ZTEM tipper MT and Titan 24 MT data matched well at the surface, Titan 24’s MT (ground geophysical survey) had much more depth penetration and detail on mineralisation for focussing drill targets.