Quantec’s Data Quality


Reliable and Accurate results depend on one thing – excellent data.  This requires attention to detail. Quantec delivers survey results to clients using a strict QA/QC process whereby data is checked and verified by geophysicists to decrease the risk of errors and to provide the highest quality data. Our advanced system specifications allow for rapid data sampling and data redundancy that helps insure accuracy and repeatability of data.

Quantec is committed to the acquisition of high quality data. We seek to provide the highest quality data possible. Quantec maintains highest quality standards throughout the acquisition, processing and interpretation of our data. We achieve quality control and quality assurance targets by ever evolving procedures designed to promote continuous improvement. All members of Quantec are responsible for quality control and quality assurance.

Quantec manages data quality through ingrained procedures which are implemented during acquisition, processing and interpretation and include;

  • Pre-survey testing and calibration of geophysical sensors and equipment
  • Survey protocols for varied survey environments to ensure quality data
  • Data management systems to ensure integrity and security of the collected data
  • Data processing protocols to ensure consistency in the utility of the data for exploration
  • Professional Geophysicists and Geoscientists overseeing the handling, processing and interpretation of the collected data

All instrumentation prior to deployment is calibrated and tested for proper operation at the Quantec equipment facility. Quantec has its own repair facilities as well as ample supply of back-up equipment should a problem arise.

Quantec's Passive Shielded & Active Cancellation Callibration Room

Magnetically quiet coil calibration room used to ensure all our MT coils meet or exceed factory specifications


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