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Geophysical Modelling and Inversion Facility

Meaningful and Useful Interpretations: Our professional consulting services consist of state of the art computer based processing, modeling and interpretation software that is operated by a team of registered and highly qualified experts.  Seasoned professionals in our Toronto-based Interpretation Group ensure that data are processed effectively (using proprietary approaches) and that interpretations are geologically realistic. A Web link link conference call or face-to-face meetings are provided with clients at the end of each project to review interpretations. Our focus in Interpretation is providing timely, meaningful results that address the geologic issues for the property under consideration and that also respect the geologic information provided by the client.

Quantec can provide reviews and new interpretations on old data sets. Our suite of software tools for Geophysical processing and inversion is robust and has been developed by leading people in this field.

New to Quantec Data Processing

TITAN 24 first came on the exploration scene in 2000. One of the distinguishing features of TITAN 24 was that it collected 24 BIT distributed raw time series data for both DCIP & MT. While many people at the time did not know the importance of this, as it was a new innovation, it really meant that the data set collected from a TITAN survey was truly an asset and would benefit down the road as processing and inversion concepts improved.

All of our TITAN surveys collect raw time series data. In the last five to ten years there has been significant improvements to our data processing routines and inversion algorithms that now benefit our current TITAN, SPARTAN and ORION 3D surveying. Some of these data processing improvements include:

  • The raw time series can be revisited with enhanced new signal extraction methodologies;
    • This translates to an improved signal to noise ratio and is accomplished using new frequency distribution algorithms that provide cleaner signal at evenly distributed frequencies;
    • This helps because other less-well controlled smoothing techniques such as band-averaging, interpolation and 1D conditioning are not used as aggressively or at all.
  • New efficient data editing software is easier to use and provides computer-aided assistance with QC guides; improving workflow and efficiency
    • EDI files may be created with separated stations (for Titan 24 2D profiles) and with impedances and Rho/Phase as well as spectra.
  • We apply our enhanced front end and sensor calibrations that improve the shallow HF response.
    • Quantec is the only company that re-calibrates our coils annually, utilising a purpose-built noise reduction calibration room to ensure the best possible absolute measurement.
  • We now offer enhanced 3D inversion capability for DCIP and MT datasets.
    • 3D inversion can be applied to both 3D acquistions (Orion 3D and competitor surveys) in addition to enhancing legacy 2D acquisitions (Titan 24 and conventional surveys).
    • Benefits include improved imaging of cross structures and oblique features and other 3D effects present in 2D data sets.
    • Improved complex geology imaging through 3D acquisition and inversion.

Why should I revisit my legacy TITAN data set?

Reprocessing, re-inverting and re-interpreting your legacy Titan 24 data may be an extremely cost effective exercise to consider prior to further exploration on your property.  Our data processing routines are constantly under development with new techniques, capabilities and workflows being added.  There may be more information in your legacy data than originally contemplated.  By reprocessing from the time-series and applying our current enhanced processing tools, your legacy data may reveal new findings and enhanced imaging, providing additional value to consider in your current exploration and/or development programs.





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